What is tb-rescue.com all about?

Many geocachers know the situation: A Travel Bug® or Geocoin they own has been stuck for weeks or even months in a geocache. Wouldn't it be great if you could ask another geocacher that lives close to that cache for help?

Here tb-rescue.com comes into the game - just watch the following video to see how it works:

So as a brief summary?

At tb-rescue.com you can submit a rescue request and ask other geocachers for help. tb-rescue.com handles the communication between the involved parties. For the rescue teams, we have a map where you can see the TBs that need help.

Additionally, as a rescuer you can register to watch an area. We will inform you as soon as a new TB in your territory needs help.

And why all that?

It's fun :-)

You can find the history of tb-rescue and some more background information in our blog.