Comprehensive Tips For Fitness And Building Muscle

Comprehensive Tips For Fitness And Building Muscle

Everyone dreams of it, but not everyone achieves it – a muscular defined body! But why do so many fail and is really only the genetics, the metabolism or the body type to blame? These ten muscle building tips are intended to help you achieve your goal of a steel body and possibly show you what you are currently doing wrong.

Training right for perfect muscle building

There are things to keep in mind when building muscle. With these five tips you lay the foundation for a defined musculature.

1. train your entire body

Never skip leg day – to give just one example! Often the muscle groups that would really help you with your muscle growth and make you stronger are neglected. Especially the large muscle groups legs, buttocks and back get too little attention. And yet, many restorative hormones are produced during training of these muscle groups. Don’t be a disco pump and don’t focus on isolated biceps training! A popular mistake for beginners who quickly lose motivation because no success is visible.

2. combination exercises

These 5 exercises should be included in every training plan:

Squats (knee bends)
Deadlifts (crucifixion lifts)
Bench press (bench press)
Pull Ups (pull-ups)
Rows (weight pulling)
Compact exercises use many muscles at the same time and thus ideally support the muscle build-up!

3. muscle recovery

One often asks oneself the question what one should actually train when. Depending on your fitness level and goal, different methods make sense. One prefers a split training, the next the doggcrapp method and someone else is a fan of super sets. But important for all methods is the recovery after the training. If you train the same muscle again too early, you will not achieve success. The principle of supercompensation should be familiar to everyone!

4. weight increase with the ILB method

Your body is a masterpiece and gets used to the strain it is exposed to over time. From time to time you have to give it new stimuli so that the muscle building for the body is still necessary. This can be done by another training method or best by increasing the training weight.

5. from big to small

As already mentioned, you should focus primarily on the large muscle groups. Of course, you should not neglect the smaller muscles, because many of them serve as auxiliary muscles in other exercises. However, if you train them first, they can no longer support you in training the large muscle groups and your training loses its effect. In the worst case injuries can occur.

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The right diet for muscle building

Also the right nutrition must not be neglected when it comes to muscle building. Here are five more tips to help you build muscle with the right diet.

1. excess calories

What is difficult for most hardgainers is to get a surplus of calories. Every training is for the cat’, if the body does not have enough building material, in order to develop from it muscles. It is often enough to simply eat more (naturally balanced and healthy)! Calculate your calorie requirement here!

2nd Post-Workout Nutrition

You should pay special attention to the nutrition after your training. An intensive workout empties your memory in the muscles, they need new energy as soon as possible, so that they can begin with the repair. Here you will find the ideal post-workout nutrition.

3rd Pre-Workout Nutrition

You should also pay attention to your diet before the workout. So that you can give 100% during the training, are fully concentrated and can come to your limits, you must fill your “tank” before sufficiently. Complex carbohydrates and protein should be part of your meal 2-3 hours before training. Fat, on the other hand, is taboo! You can get more information here.

4. protein requirement

Musculature consists of amino acid chains (protein) and therefore needs a sufficient supply of it. Many of these amino acids can be produced by the body itself, but there are also some essential amino acids that you need to take in through your diet. Science is arguing about the amount of protein you should consume per day. The recommendations of the DGE and the sports doctors differ. Often we are talking about 1.8-2g of protein per kilogram of body weight. Find out for yourself what works best for you!

5. evening casein

Casein is a milk protein and has a special property compared to whey protein. It is digested very slowly (up to 8 hours) and supplies your body all night long. Many athletes fear that they lose muscle mass at night because the body changes into a catabolic state. Low-fat quark provides you with plenty of casein without the intake of carbohydrates!


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