Get In Shape With Supplements And A Fitness Ball

Get In Shape With Supplements And A Fitness Ball


June 13, 2019

We receive news again and again that contains questions about the intake of our products. Therefore, we have summarized a few questions for you and explain how you can take dietary supplements sensibly!

How long should I take dietary supplements for?

Often a quick change or the achievement of goals is hoped for after a short period of taking preparations. However, dietary supplements are not drugs that promise rapid success. It often takes time for the concentrated nutrients to be absorbed and processed by the body. This process can take days, weeks or even several months! Depending on how long the symptoms have lasted. It is important to take the food supplements continuously and give your body the time it needs.

When does it make sense to take it?

Minerals, Omega 3, Vitamin A, D, E & K, as well as C should be taken best in combination with a meal, because otherwise they can possibly lead to stomach problems or nausea.

On an empty stomach our shakes and the L-Amino Basix are harmless and even sensible.

How much is too little and how much is too much?

Today’s nutrition and the way we live often causes problems for our body, because not all nutrients are always available in sufficient quantities. Food supplements ‘supplement’ these nutrients in concentrated form. They are supposed to have a supportive effect in order to compensate for deficits. But when do you know when it is too much and when it is too little?

In case of doubt, packaging and leaflets always provide information about how much of a preparation you have to take. But our motto is: as little as possible, as much as necessary! Taking everything once for a short time makes very little sense. That’s why qualitative products that are specially tailored to your needs are the most important basis. If this is the case, then the fear of overdosing is unfounded.

How To Get Into Shape With A Fitness Ball

Now that you know how to properly use supplements, it’s time to look at a simple training item that can help you greatly.

Can I use a gymnastics ball as an office chair?

Is the gymnastics ball a healthy alternative to your office chair? We’ll clarify that here. The coloured, elastic fitness balls made of plastic are known as health-promoting and due to their various application possibilities. In the health sector and now also in the sports sector they are mainly used to reduce pain in the musculoskeletal system and to increase the mobility of the body.

Fitness ball or office chair?

More and more offices are using the fitness ball as an alternative to the office chair. Not only is it colourful, it can also force your body to train during work. When training with the gymnastics ball, many muscle groups are addressed at the same time. The material is flexible and adapts to the body. So the seat is comfortable and your joints are protected during the training.

Gymnastics ball as a back-friendly alternative?

The gymnastic ball is increasingly being considered as a back-friendly alternative to the office chair. Unlike most office chairs, you are not sitting on a rigid and immobile surface. With the mobile fitness ball, you have neither a backrest nor armrests. That makes the whole thing more difficult. So you need to sit actively in a straight posture. Active means that due to the round seat of the ball you always have to balance your balance. Your muscle groups are addressed, which ensure that you can sit in balance. When balancing your balance, you can easily change your sitting position again and again. This means that your spine is always in slight motion.

Is a gymnastic ball as an office chair really good for posture?

First and foremost, a gymnastic ball can naturally improve your posture and protect your spine. But if you use this full eight hours on your working day, this can lead to an overload. In addition, the seat height adjustment is only dependent on the ball size and cannot be adjusted. In contrast, an ergonomic office chair has the advantage that you can adjust the seat height exactly to the height of your desk. Because if the correct distance and height are not maintained at your workplace, even a gymnastics ball cannot limit your back, neck and other complaints.

Gymnastics ball can only be used to a limited extent as an office chair

In order to avoid overloading and the resulting risk of injury, we recommend that you only use your seat ball to a limited extent as an office chair. For example, use it only twice a day for thirty minutes each as an alternative to your office chair. But also make sure that you can always integrate small movement units into your everyday life. Getting up and stretching, taking a few steps have never harmed anyone. On the contrary, your joints and fasciae will thank you for it. Your ability to concentrate can also benefit considerably from a busy working day.