Get Perfect Abs Like Your Personal Trainer

Get Perfect Abs Like Your Personal Trainer


June 13, 2019

A flat and defined belly is the dream of many people. Some are lucky enough to have a genetic tendency towards a strong, narrow body centre. But in most cases it is the result of hard work and a good portion of self-discipline.

We’ll give you tips on how to get your six-pack.

Tip 1: Pay attention to your diet

The six-pack doesn’t come from the belly crunches alone. You achieve a flat stomach and visible muscles 70 percent with nutrition and 30 percent with training, is called “Bauch Spezial Workout” in the Hammer guidebook. Muscles can be seen only with a maximum body fat portion of 12 per cent with men and 14 per cent with women.

Take care that your diet contains sufficient high-quality nutrients and avoid empty carbohydrates, which have no added value for the body, except to immediately turn into belly pads. If you do without sugary drinks, you will save a large amount of unnecessary calories.

In general, sugar, fructose, saturated fats and white flour products should only be consumed in moderation. Healthy fats, daily vegetable generations and proteins provide the body with everything it needs and help to reduce body fat.

Tip 2: Losing fat with cardio training

The fat pads on the stomach are particularly stubborn. However, targeted abdominal muscle exercises do not directly reduce the fat on the abdomen, but train the muscles below the fat layer. A negative calorie balance, which can be achieved through a healthy diet and effective, regular endurance training, is important for permanent fat reduction – including on the abdomen.

In order to burn as many calories as possible, cardio sports such as jogging, walking, cycling or training on the crosstrainer are particularly suitable.

Tips 3: Exercise your abdominal muscles

There are many intensive abdominal exercises with which you can tighten and strengthen the abdominal muscles. You can do your strength training with or without equipment. It is important that all muscles are trained equally: the lateral, as well as the front and deep abdominal muscles. Also the back muscles should not be forgotten for a holistic abdominal training.

The following exercises are particularly effective:

Forearm support: in the push-up posture, lean on the elbows, tighten the abdomen, hold for 20 seconds.
Side support: lay on one side and extend legs. Support on forearm, tense abdomen, hold for 20 seconds.
In the supine position, extend your arms sideways and lift your hips until they are fully extended. Optionally extend one leg at a time.
In the push-up position (forearms on the floor) extend one arm, hold for several seconds, change arm.
For muscle building – a real six-pack – you should do the exercises in 3-4 sets with 8-12 repetitions each. If you manage more, you should increase the degree of difficulty and not the number of repetitions. Because with few repetitions at high intensity you train in the hypertrophy area, where the muscles increase.

Tip 4: Training breaks are important

After a hard workout you should take a day off or just do a light workout. The muscles that are under a lot of strain need to regenerate. Normally, you will also notice yourself that after intensive training, the muscles initially lose a lot of performance and then, after a phase of recovery, are more efficient than before.

PS: Muscles are not built up during training itself, but during the recovery phase after training.