The Best Fitness Exercises For Your Back

The Best Fitness Exercises For Your Back


June 13, 2019

The shoulders hurt, the neck is tense – the constant work at the desk leaves its mark on many people. We went ahead and tested back exercises with which the muscles can be mobilized again. Our conclusion: Those who complete the training daily can keep their back healthy and mobile.

Raise your bottom: Strengthening the straight back muscles when lying down

1. lie down on your back, put your legs slightly angled. Stretch out your arms and place them next to your upper body.

2. lift the pelvis so that the top of your body is straight. Hold position for 20 seconds.

3. lower your buttocks. The exercise should be repeated 2 to 3 times. It serves to strengthen the buttocks and back muscles.

Tighten the knees: Stretch lower back

1. lay on your back, bend your legs and interlock your hands under your chest.

2. pull right leg towards upper body, keep short. Change sides and repeat the exercise 20 times per knee.

3. also possible with both knees at the same time.

Back trainer: Strengthening the back of the body

One, go to the four-footer stand. Raise your left leg and right arm simultaneously to the horizontal. The neck is straight and the back straight. Hold position for five seconds while breathing calmly.

Now bring right elbow and left knee together under the body. Switch between the two positions 4 to 5 times in a flowing motion. Then it’s the other side’s turn.

Lifting the torso: Strengthening the straight back muscles

1 Lie on your stomach and cross your hands under your chin. The toes touch the floor.

2 Now lift torso and legs slightly, looking to the floor. Hold position for 20 seconds. Repeat the exercise 2 to 3 times.

The cat’s hump: loosen the straight back muscles, loosen blockages.

One, you kneel in the quadruped position. The palms of the hands and lower legs are apart hip-width. The hands should be positioned directly under the shoulders, the arms should be slightly bent.

Now roll the back as far as possible to the cat’s hump (hunchback) by pushing the tailbone down and forward. The head is slightly lowered towards the sternum. A few seconds in this position

3. now push the tailbone upwards so that the upper part of the body is sagging (light hollow back). Take the head a little into the neck, raise your gaze. Repeat the procedure about 10 times in a flowing motion. Exhale during sagging (slight hollow back). The exercise has its origin in yoga and serves mainly to stretch the neck and back and to loosen blockages.

Shoulder press: Mobilization of the musculature

1. place your back against the wall and lean against it. Raise your elbows to shoulder height.

2. now push your elbows, back and shoulders away from the wall. Hold position for five seconds while continuing to breathe evenly. Repeat the exercise 10 times. Important: Do not fall into the hollow back when pushing away from the wall and breathe evenly. The exercise mobilizes and strengthens the muscles between the shoulder blades.


Against tension: Shoulders back and forth

1. you’re standing, your knees are slightly flexed. Tighten belly and bottom. Pull shoulders forward and hold position for one to two seconds.

2. then pull the shoulders backwards and keep the position short. Repeat exercise 15 times. This relaxation exercise releases tension in the neck, neck and shoulder area and promotes blood circulation.

Professional tip: Do exercises slowly and in a controlled manner.

The exercises shown are ideal for doing at home. Nevertheless, it makes sense to have them shown to you by a professional.